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Wooldoor Sockbat
Wooldoor Sockbat Transparent.png
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Wooldoor Jebediah Sockbat
Gender Male
Race Sockbat
Hair Bald (Has angel wings on his head instead of hair)
Age 32
Job N/A
Sexuality Heterosexuality
Religion Roman Catholicism
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor

"I'm everyone's best friend, even my own! WHEE!" ~ Wooldoor Jebediah Sockbat, 2004

Wooldoor Jebediah Sockbat is a character in the animated series Drawn Together. He is one of the eight housemates who are the focus of the show. Wooldoor is labeled as a wacky whatchamacallit. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor. His original name was Walter Saggete according to The episode Drawn Together Babies.


Wooldoor is a spoof of SpongeBob SquarePants. (In "Unrestrainable Trainable", he is even referred to as a "poorly conceived SpongeBob parody".) He is capable of morphing into many different things, and hides objects in his rear end in order to pull them out later for comic effect. He can also split himself in two; ironically, the second Wooldoor who appears in these situations is cold and aloof, as opposed to the real Wooldoor, who is desperate to be everybody's friend (see Multiple Wooldoors below). He was once married to his buttocks, but they separated after the baby (a piece of feces with a face) didn't look like him. He was briefly engaged to Captain Hero's old girlfriend, Unusually Flexible Girl, but the engagement was broken off after Wooldoor decided he only wanted her because he thought Captain Hero wanted her (which he didn't), and it came to a permanent end when Toot Braunstein and Princess Clara accidentally killed her with a potato gun.

In "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II" it is revealed that most of his people, the Sockbats, were murdered in a Holocaust perpetrated by the Sweetcake people (themselves parodies of Strawberry Shortcake), who turned to eating the Sockbats as a remedy for an economic crisis. There is some inconsistency regarding Wooldoor's parents. They are revealed to be dead in the aforementioned Sweetcake episode; their bodies, having been processed into snack foods, are shown sitting in a Sockbat Snacks vending machine. However, in Season Three it is suggested that they are still alive. In "Freaks & Greeks", a male and female Sockbat are displayed prominently in a pile containing the housemates' ailing parents. In "Lost in Parking Space, Part One", when he thinks the group is going to perish in Foxxy's van, Wooldoor tells Foxxy to take some letters to his parents, and then gives her two Scrabble tiles, claiming he stole them the last time he visited their house.

Wooldoor Sockbat, back when he was Walter Saget.

Wooldoor as a baby.

In "Drawn Together Babies" Wooldoor was shown to have formerly been a human being named Walter Saget when he was a baby. Walter's personality was the opposite of Wooldoor's he did not like goofing around and being silly and always wanted to act mature and collected. Although he didn't want to goof around, he was seen showing interest in Toot throwing her diaper against the wall and said "Cool! Just like wacky wall walkers." and he was the first to join in, throwing his diaper against the wall and cheering as the diapers went down the wall. Later in the episode, it was shown how he became Wooldoor Sockbat. Captain Hero tortured Walter by spinning him around on the Sit-N-Spin. Walter became very nauseous and dizzy, making his face start turning yellow. He held in his vomit, so this carried on through his entire body and permanently made his skin yellow. The speed of the Sit-N-Spin was also so fast, it made his hair start to fall out of his head, revealing an unattractive, bald scalp. The G-force of the speed was also deforming his face, pulling his nose and lips out, making them into a goofy position. Captain Hero stopped the Sit-N-Spin, launching Walter off of the Sit-N-Spin, and into the door. He crashed back first into the door, getting the doorknob lodged up his anus and his head, pounding into the door, got two broken pieces of white wood lodged into the sides of his head, making his head wings. The impact of his slamming against the door also deformed his body into a lump shape and made his eyes bulge out of his head. Walter landed face flat on the ground and then sprung up screaming "Wheeeee!!!". He explained that the trauma of the incident damaged his internal organs, and made it so that if he didn't scream "Wheeee!!!" every thirty seconds, he would drown in his own stomach bile.


Wooldoor is a short, yellow little creature. He has big, green, rounded eyes and a long, orange nose. He has a big mouth with firm cheekbones. Wooldoor has little white wings on his head that don't give him the ability to fly, but are most likely bat wings because of the anagram of his name. Wooldoor wears a white, wool, sleeveless undershirt and round, blue pants. He has big, white socks stick out off of his feet some. He also has a golden door knob sticking out of his butt which, revealed in the episode Gay Bash, opens a door in his fanny where he stores things that he pulls out of there for comic effect. His bare feet are almost never seen in the show but they were seen once in the episode Freaks & Greeks, where they were shown to be really big, gross looking feet with dirty, jagged toenails and a bunch of black hairs and veins. Wooldoor's head has some spots on it that are a slightly darker shade of yellow and he also has a few, small, black hairs on his head that are visible sometimes, but overall, Wooldoor is bald. Assuming by his form as Walter Saget in Drawn Together Babies, it can be implied that his hair is blonde. Wooldoor's voice is very high-pitched and goofy sounding, similar to that of SpongeBob's.


Wooldoor and his other half.

Wooldoor is the most innocent of the characters, remaining somewhat oblivious to the idiocy and chaos around him. Because of this, he is perhaps the most kind-hearted of the housemates along with Xandir (though Wooldoor is capable of insulting the other housemates- particularly Toot- without realizing it). On the downside, he is rather gullible and prone to being pushed around by the other characters (Spanky Ham in particular bullies him relentlessly and is often attacked by Toot). Wooldoor idolizes Captain Hero, and in "Captain Girl", he has a dream come true when he is given the job of Hero's sidekick.

Wooldoor behaves very much like a hyperactive child. This may in fact be the case; he is shown reaching puberty in "Clum Babies", indicating that he is not yet an adult. His birth is given in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II" as being in the year 5753. Assuming this is based on the Hebrew calendar--the only mainstream system which places his birth in the recent past (5753 corresponds to 1992-1993), and which fits in with the Sockbat/Jewish analogy of the episode--this would make him about thirteen as of 2006. In the episode "Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!", Wooldoor says he earned a lot of money by being a Bar Mitzvah, an occasion which usually occurs at age 13. His catchphrase is simply, "Whee!!!", which he says at some point in nearly every episode. The non-canon episode "Drawn Together Babies" provides the humorous explanation that Wooldoor got the "whee!" phrase after his internal organs were damaged on a really fast Sit N' Spin ride with Captain Hero; according to Wooldoor in that episode, "I have to make that noise every 30 seconds, or I'll drown in my own bile." Wooldoor has his own theme music, a Hawaiian-like guitar tune which is similar to SpongeBob SquarePants's theme music. In "Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!", the tune is given lyrics and becomes the theme song to Wooldoor's children's show.

When he "masturbates", his semen comes out of his mouth in the form of "clum babies," adorable giant sentient sperm that cure the diseases of anything they touch. When Clara had the consumption, although she had spent the entire episode condemning masturbation and the use of potential life to cure diseases, one of Wooldoor's clum babies saved her life. Wooldoor's clum babies would prove to be the saving grace of all the housemates; when everyone except Wooldoor is wiped out in a shooting spree perpetrated by guest character Bob the Cucumber (who snapped when Foxxy Love suggested that the Bible was open to interpretation), it is suggested at the end of the episode that Wooldoor will use his clum babies to resurrect everyone.

It is revealed in "Captain Girl" that Wooldoor has fake breasts, which helped him win the Miss Universe Pageant in 1997.

Wooldor in the original pilot.

Wooldoor is close friends with Clara, who often plays a big sister role to him; this relationship was strained in "Requiem for a Reality Show", when Spanky forced Wooldoor to get Clara to sing so that Spanky could catch and eat the woodland animals that would show up whenever she did so. This episode also seems to indicate that Wooldoor is (or at least was) attracted to Clara: while tearfully begging for a grief-stricken Clara's forgiveness, Wooldoor hugs her around the waist and cries into her lap; out of the blue, Wooldoor asks "Are you as turned on as I am?", going on to explain that he ends up saying crazy things whenever he is upset, subsequently asking Clara for five dollars. All is forgiven, however, when Wooldoor discovers that one chipmunk survived and takes it back to her. However, in the aforementioned "Unrestrainable Trainable", Clara, while caring for a hypothermic Wooldoor, develops Munchausen syndrome by proxy and begins to poison and physically harm him, though she ultimately comes to her senses and apologizes.

Though it is never emphasized to any great extent, Wooldoor does have a sinister side that is shown every so often. In "Dirty Pranking No. 2", after being shunned by Xandir and Captain Hero, he puts on a pair of sunglasses and informs them, "If anybody needs me, I'll be in the clock tower" while he cocks a rifle. In "Captain Girl", he hijacks an old man's car, threatening him with a gun and telling him to get out of the car and into the trunk; he then shoots at the man when he tries to flee. When Wooldoor gets inside the car, he discovers the man's three grandchildren inside, who are presumably killed moments later when Wooldoor jumps out of the speeding vehicle with them still inside. In "A Tale of Two Cows", when Wooldoor accidentally kills a trucker, the man's last words are, "Tell my family I love them"; Wooldoor then guts him and wears his carcass as clothing in order to deliver the message to the man's family. Also in "A Tale of Two Cows", when Wooldoor is shown with the fire fairy who says 'But what about all those cool fires we started together Wooldoor?'. Wooldoor is depicted to be shocked by this indicating he may have once suffered from pyromania. Wooldoor's hyperactive behavior also indicates that he may suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

When in danger, Wooldoor will sometimes speak in a mock-Italian accent. The first example of this is when he is swallowed by Clara's vagina.

Despite surpassing his housemates in hyperactivity and general zaniness, Wooldoor has a deep capacity for serious, thoughtful reflection on events, though he uses this ability very sparingly. Examples include the speeches he makes while the plane is going down in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist" and following the massacre of his housemates in "Clum Babies".


Wooldoor swoons over Hero's sex moves.

Wooldoor's personality is basically straight, though quite often for a gag, he will show attraction to his male housemates or disinterest in Foxxy's sexual charms. He is obsessed with Captain Hero in particular, a fixation that vacillates between simple hero worship and full-on sexual interest.

  • In "Gay Bash", Wooldoor describes how he was having all kinds of fun dancing at the party, then fondles Xandir's penis upon seeing it through the glory hole, though in this instance, he seems unaware of what he is doing.
  • In "The Other Cousin", he plays spin the bottle with Hero and Spanky, and acts very excited whenever he gets to kiss one of the other two (prompting Hero to say "If you're going to be gay about this, you can't play!"). In another part of the episode, after Ling-Ling's hallucinogen runs out, a desperate Wooldoor tells Ling-Ling that he would do anything to make him able to secrete more, even "sucking his dick".
  • In "Captain Hero's Marriage Pact", Hero demonstrates sensual massage to Wooldoor, illustrating it as his way of getting a woman to want to have sex; Wooldoor responds to the massage by saying, "I want you inside me". In the same episode, in an argument with Hero, he says, "Don't make me suck your dick".
  • In "Captain Girl", he and Hero share a kiss during the Hero theme song sequence. Earlier in the episode, when Hero is showing off his sex moves at the pool, Wooldoor swoons over him and says, "I wish I was a chick".
  • In "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree", as he attempts to stop Spanky from leaving the house, it starts to rain. Wooldoor fails to keep Spanky from leaving, but before disappointment can set in, he becomes distracted by the rain falling on him. He forgets what he's doing and starts to get a sexual thrill from the rain as he grabs his own fake breasts, slaps himself in the posterior and calls himself a bitch.
  • In "The Lemon-AIDS Walk", in order to get back into the mall security /lost and found lounge, he covers his head with a nylon stocking, then realizes he's made a mistake, and corrects it by putting the nylon on his legs. The camera pans out to show him with women's legs, and he proceeds to walk into the mall in a feminine fashion.
  • In "Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!", as he is trying to flee from the Terminator's missile with Xandir, he says, "Quick, Xandir! Snarf my cavernous bunghole, you snurg nurgling Jew!", (though by the time Xandir asks him what he said, Wooldoor has already forgotten). Moments later, as Wooldoor helps Xandir walk, he says, "On your delicate and well pedicured feet, soldier!" Xandir comments, "Oh, you noticed," prompting Wooldoor to respond, "How could I not?" with a flirtatious look on his face.
  • In "Unrestrainable Trainable", as Foxxy walks by and says "Hey papa" while touching her breasts, Wooldoor says, "Eh, you're not so hot". Foxxy then shrugs her shoulders and walks away disappointedly. This could be the result of Clara curing Wooldoor's jungle fever, but it could also be just a gag.
  • In "Lost in Parking Space, Part One", he sets out to seduce Hero in order to get Hero's gun away from him, but ends up getting caught up in the moment, going above and beyond what he was instructed to do.
  • In the movie, as soon as Wooldoor gets out of bed, he transforms briefly into a penis. Later, when he and Foxxy discover they can curse, she asks to see his privates, whereupon he drops his pants to reveal a set of large black genitalia (contradicting episodes of the series where he had a small yellow penis proportionate in size to the rest of his body). After Foxxy leaves the room, Wooldoor says to his penis, "So, little fella. Let's get you a burger.", in deleted scenes, specifically in the South Park animatied housmates, Wooldoor's nose has strong resemblances to a Penis.


Wooldoor as a priest.

Wooldoor's religious affiliation(s) have varied throughout the series' run. He's often depicted a priest, and in the episodes "Clum Babies" and "A Tale of Two Cows", he's explicitly stated as being Christian. However, he is also frequently suggested to be Jewish; the Sockbat comparison to WWII-era Jews, and Wooldoor being referred to with the epithet "hooknose" align him with the faith allegorically, and in "Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!", he has a Bar Mitzvah as a means of raising money for his children's show. Another curious case is in the episode "Unrestrainable Trainable", where a series of events causes him to have a large nose, wear what appear to be a Magen David, a kippah, and payot, and be holding large bags of money; when Clara sees him like this, she becomes terrified and tries to baptise him by pushing him in the pool, (which nearly killed him) and left him suffering from hypothermia. One interpretation of this scene could be that Wooldoor is not Jewish but merely mistaken for such, by Clara; if Wooldoor truly is Jewish, she doesn't seem to have a problem with him the rest of the time (though the same could apply to Captain Hero and Toot, who are also suggested to be Jewish). However, the scene could also be interpreted as Clara merely reacting aggressively to stereotypes, regardless of what Wooldoor's actual faith is. Given the show's overall disregard for continuity and consistency with character details, Wooldoor's religion could most accurately be described as ambiguous. The faith he is aligned with at any given moment is whatever suits the particular plot best. Wooldoor's name is likely based on that of a famed Islamic convert to Christianity, Wallid Shoebat.

Role on the show[]

Wooldoor as a scientist.

One of Wooldoor's primary traits is his ability to assume any role a scene or story requires. To this end, he often appears in episodes as a wacky "filler"-type character, rather than in his own persona. He is capable of assuming any profession at a moment's notice. In "The Other Cousin", he is a professor, and in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist", he becomes the pilot who flies the group to safety. He appears to be quite skilled in several medical disciplines as well: he is a psychiatrist in "Little Orphan Hero" and "Toot Goes Bollywood", a surgeon and mad scientist in "Terms of Endearment", a plastic surgeon in "Alzheimer's That Ends Well", and a regular medical doctor in "Super Nanny". Wooldoor is often shown as a minister or priest; in fact, he is the one who performs Spanky's gay marriage to Xandir.

While Wooldoor played minor parts in the first season of the show, he became the focus of several episodes in the series' second season, not unlike Captain Hero. Typically, the stories focusing on Wooldoor cast him in a child-type role, such as when he brings home a cow in "A Tale of Two Cows", or when he gets in trouble at the mall for stealing candy in "The Lemon-AIDS Walk". Ironically, in "A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special", his character in the episode's role-playing exercise is that of a pedophile (in this instance, he is roleplaying the part of a priest as a parody of the Roman Catholic sex abuse cases).

Originally, instead of being an attention-starved weirdo, Wooldoor's role was to have been that of a manic-depressive drug addict. However, creators Jeser and Silverstein decided to change this when they realized the cast's personalities were getting too dark, and needed a character who was innocent and childlike, to contrast with the darker tendencies of the others.[1] In the movie, Wooldoor drifts back toward the bipolar, mentally unstable characterization which was originally envisioned for him. When he finds out that Drawn Together has been cancelled, he becomes psychotic and determined to get back on the air by any means necessary, even mentioning at one point that being on television is the only thing which keeps him from hearing the voices in his head. At the film's climax, he threatens the others with a gun to try to get his way. However, what he thinks to be a point to save the show ends up being an eraser bomb that blows up in his face and permanently kills him.

Multiple Wooldoors[]

An instance of duplicate Wooldoors.

As mentioned above, Wooldoor is capable of splitting himself into two people. Although the splitting has not yet been shown on television, the featuring of multiple Wooldoors in certain scenes is a running gag on the show.

  • In a deleted scene from "Hot Tub" (which appears as an extra on the DVD), during his character introduction sequence, Wooldoor exclaims, "I'm everyone's best friend, even my own!" He then splits himself in two and calls him pathetic, and he hates him, and spits on the other Wooldoor's face.
  • In "The Other Cousin", Xandir, Toot, and Wooldoor successfully reunite Ling-Ling with his father. To celebrate the happy occasion, Xandir and Toot hug each other while Wooldoor splits himself in two again to hug his other self. Although this scene only appears in the DVD version of the episode, the televised version does include a scene moments later in which both Wooldoors are seen licking Ling-Ling's father.
  • In "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education", Wooldoor is the photographer taking pictures of Xandir and Spanky's fake honeymoon. A second Wooldoor can be seen moving the backdrops.
  • In "Captain Girl", in a Back to the Future parody, a version of Wooldoor from the future comes to warn the real Wooldoor that he is about the end his existence by going on a time traveling adventure. However, he is too late as he already leaves and kills him parents when he gets there.
  • In "Freaks & Greeks", while Wooldoor is mowing the lawn at the beginning of the episode, another Wooldoor answers the door.

Cross Dressing[]

Wooldoor has done a lot of persona switching and will play the role as a different character than who he really is. He will do this, simply by putting on a costume and by slightly changing him name adding "Dr." or "Professor" to the beginning of his name for instance.

Episodes focusing on Wooldoor[]

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Character design[]

In original artwork for the show, Wooldoor's nose was yellow (like the rest of his skin), and he wore socks with sandals.[2]

Prototype comparison[]


SpongeBob SquarePants(l); Wooldoor Sockbat from Drawn Together (r)

Similarities to other characters[]

Although Wooldoor is mainly a parody on Spongebob and Stimpy, he bears many similarities to other characters from other shows as well.

Similarity to Koosalagoopagoop[]


Wooldoor shares similarities with Koosalagoopagoop, from the series, Dexter's Laboratory. Both of them are big, yellow cartoonish creatures, which are somewhat similar in body shape. They both have big noses, and wings on their heads. Both are also creatures who are always happy all the time, and run around being silly, and making jokes, as well as doing random things to annoy people. Koosalagoopagoop is also someone from an official species known as the "Koosfolk" which are colorful creatures that are similar in appearance to him, and are vaguely similar to the Sockbats. Koosy and the Koosfolk come from a magical world known as "Koosland", which is very similar to Wooldoor's home world. Another notable thing is in the Dexter's Laboratory episode "The Koos is Loose", Koosy died, but in his next appearance, was alive and perfectly fine without any explanation. This is similar to Wooldoor's repeated deaths in his show. They are not, in any way related. However, it may be possible that Wooldor was inspired by Koosalagoopagoop when he was being created.

Similarity to Izzy[]

2009 09 21 izzy.gif

Wooldoor bears a slight resemblance to Izzy, the mascot of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA. However, the two characters are unrelated.

Similarity to Mr. Happy[]

Mr. Happy.jpg

Wooldoor is similar to Mr. Happy from The Mister Men Show. Both of them are little, round, yellow creatures who are always very overly happy. Mr. Happy also has the catchphrase "Wonderful" which is very similar to Wooldoor's "Whee!" especially how in some cases, Mr. Happy will lift his hands up into the air and scream this on some occasions. Both of them are also part-time doctors. Both of them stay very happy and innocent in even the most horrible times where other people are being evil and it's almost impossible to make them feel any negative feeling in any way. However, neither of them are officially related.


  • He is the only member of the cast to be a parody on two other cartoon characters.
  • Although he is mainly a parody on SpongeBob and Stimpy, he also shares many major similarities with other characters of outside shows.
  • The four parts of his name is an anagram to the clothing he wears. "Wool" comes from him wearing wool clothing, "Door" comes from the door knob sticking out of his butt, "Sock" comes from his wearing socks, and "Bat" comes from the bat wings on his head.
  • He is the only housemate to not use the confessional in the first episode. His first confessional use was at the beginning of the episode Gay Bash.
  • Wooldoor is the youngest member of the house, being 13 years old.
  • In Captain Hero's Marriage Pact, it was revealed that Wooldoor's middle name is "Jebediah".
  • Wooldoor has had the least amount of sex in the show than anyone else has, only having sex four times. His first time was in the episode The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II, where he was seen in the big pile of sex with the rest of the housemates. It is unknown what he was doing in there, since all that was seen was his head, but judging by the position, he was most likely getting anal from Captain Hero and/or oral from Ling-Ling. He did it again in Lost in Parking Space, Part Two, where he had sex with Captain Hero. In The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, Wooldoor was briefly seen having anal sex with Toot, in a huge pile of the other housemates being disgusting for the sake of being disgusting.
    • An ambiguous occasion would also be in Lost in Parking Space Part 2, Wooldoor said "Like I told you at that sorority mixer, there's already two of us inside this fat chick, and there's no room for more." This means that he had a threesome at some point during the show, but it was not actually seen.