• Jtsfan13

    Drawn Together: Season 4

    September 16, 2011 by Jtsfan13

    Foxy, Xandir, Captain Hero, Clara, Ling-Ling, Wooldoor, and Spanky all return to live in the newly-rebuilt house, along with 4 (later 3) new housemates. The animation style remains how it was in the first three seasons. The intro for season 4 is the same one from season 3, only with Piper, Pucker, and Maya added before the title card, and the Clips are slightly shorter (and Fran in place of Toot for the first 3 episodes). The show keeps it's TV-MA rating (though in syndication, reruns are heavily censored, toning it down to a TV-14 rating). Toot returns in the third episode. Season 4 willl premiere worldwide.

    • Princes Clara (voiced by Tara Strong): Age 20. A racist and homophobic spoof of the Disney Princesses. She often gets into fights with…

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