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The Drawn Together Clip Show
Drawn Together Episode
Season/Episode Season 2 Episode 15
Production Code 214
Original Airdate March 15, 2006
Guest Voices Chris Edgerly
Written By Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein
Directed By Dwayne Carey-Hill
Previous Episode Alzheimer's That Ends Well
Next Episode Freaks & Greeks

"The Drawn Together Clip Show" is the twenty-second episode of Drawn Together, and the final episode of the second season.


The Jew Producer gathers the cast together in front of a live audience to highlight the best of the past two seasons of Drawn Together in clip show form. He also repeatedly mentions that at the end of the episode, it will be revealed who has won the show's grand prize.


The cast of Drawn Together is sitting in the living room and the TV turns on, where The Jew Producer is seen talking to them. The Jew Producer announces a season 2 finale clip show, and room opens up and the couches get sent into a huge clip show room where a bunch of people are seen in the audience which is mostly comprised of recurring and one-time characters from previous episodes. The Jew Producer gets up to his podium and tries to get everyone to settle down and hold their applause. He keeps asking, but everyone ignores him, continuing to cheer really loudly and clap their hands. Eventually, The Jew Producer loses his patience and he whips out a gun and starts mindlessly shooting people in the audience. Everyone immediately sits down while one person is even heard getting killed. The Jew Producer then stops, realizing that he overreacted and awkwardly puts his gun away, continuing on with the show. He asks the cast how things are going. Spanky Ham responds saying that everything's going just fine and talks to him like they're having a basic conversation. Spanky Ham asks how The Jew Producer day has been going and he responds saying that that it wasn't the best because he shot a guy and then awkwardly laughs to himself. The audience quietly giggles a little at the joke. Then, he announces that before they start the clip show, they're going to have a memorial to all the Korean children who died, helping make their TV show. The clip montage starts, briefly showing the helicopter crashing from The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II and then an old Asian guy peeing in the toilet from the episode Super Nanny while the names of all the Korean kids who died go across the screen. (Mostly consisting of names that have Kim or Park) in them. After it ends, The Jew Producer says that the memorial really sucked ass which reminds him of the recent events of Xandir realizing he's gay in the episode Gay Bash. The Jew Producer points that out and the audience laughs at him, embarrassing Xandir. Princess Clara and Spanky Ham boo in Xandir's face, making him feel offended. The Jew Producer mentions that not only is he gay, but so is romance and then he cues a clip montage of all the instances of romance on the show. The clip montage starts with Captain Hero massaging Wooldoor Sockbat from the episode Captain Girl, and continues on showing more events, most notably Princess Clara and Foxxy Love making out from Hot Tub, Princess Clara and Spanky Ham making out from Dirty Pranking No. 2, and Toot Braunstein and Xandir making out from A Tale of Two Cows and then finally Xandir and Tim Tommerson playing in the boat and then falling out where they start making out from the episode Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree. After the montage ends, The Jew Producer asks Captain Hero if his relationship with Xandir has continued after that episode. Captain Hero denies this, saying that Xandir didn't have an affair with him, but it was really Tim Tommerson. Everyone laughs, thinking this is a total lie, seeing as how in that very episode, Captain Hero was shown to be the same person as Tim Tommerson. But to everyone's astonishment, Tim Tommerson, himself appears on stage there as a completely different person than Captain Hero. Xandir is shocked to see this and is even more shocked to see the mind blowing reveal that Captain Hero and Tim Tommerson are in a relationship together. Xandir starts to cry asking him why he turned his back on him and started going out with their own natural enemy. Captain Hero tears off his shirt and says that Tim Tommerson is smart for wanting to chose that over him and Xandir bursts into tears, crying. Captain Hero and Tim Tommerson start tongue kissing each other on stage. The Jew Producer turns to Foxxy Love, asking if she has anything to say. Foxxy Love then taunts hero and says his "breasts" are fake unlike hers, before she lifts up her top. She then shakes and flashes her breasts in front of the audience to further taunt Captain Hero, making them all scream at the tops of their lungs, wildly cheering and screaming and clapping. Captain Hero then flips Foxxy Love off while still kissing Tim Tommerson. On the other hand, Xandir is focused on nothing but Captain Hero and Tim Tommerson as his misery turns into anger, and he takes out a chair and furiously runs over to the two of them and starts beating them senseless with it. The Jew Producer cuts to commercial and shows another clip of Xandir and Tim to sign them off. When they return, The Jew Producer asks the cast who thinks that Toot Braunstein is a "fatty fat fat" and everyone raises their hands and goes "Oooh! Me! Me! Me me me me me me me me!" Toot is shocked to hear this and she asks why they've never told her about it before. The Jew Producer tells her that they have and they've also called her a "horrible bitch". He shows a montage of all of the disgusting eating and horrible rage she's gone through in the show. It ends with the clip of Toot coming home at the end of Captain Girl while we watch her reaction Toot is angry with what she sees and she claims that it's been edited. The Jew Producer admits to this and shows how they edited the raw footage of a cucumber and a gun to make Bob's shooting spree from Clum Babies. However, this was most likely just a gag. He cuts to commercial again and then cuts back. In the next scene, The Jew Producer asks Foxxy about how she deal with everyone's racism against her because she's black. Foxxy claims that they're not racist and the housemates all shake their heads in agreement. The Jew Producer disagrees and shows a montage of all of the racism that has happened in the show with not only racism against blacks, but Asians, Mexicans, Jews, and Indians and lastly, the musical number Board of Education from Foxxy vs. the Board of Education. After this, Foxxy realizes that they really are racist and she is outraged as she leaves to go back to South Africa. When they come back, Foxxy is seen at her seat again, chained to her chair. The Jew Producer asks Wooldoor how he deals with bing on a show in front of 10,000 cameras watching him. Once he realizes how bad this is, he freaks out and jumps out the window to commit suicide. The Jew Producer rolls a montage of all of Wooldoor's wackiest moments in the show. After that, he shows another montage of all the best musical numbers in the previous seasons which are Black Chick's Tongue, Ling-Ling's Lament, The Bully Song, La-la-la-la Labia, God is watching everything you do, and Crashy Smashy Die Die Die. When they return, they are ready to announce the winner, but first, they bring out last year's winner, Judge Fudge. When asked about how he's been enjoying being the winner of Drawn Together for all of season two, Judge Fudge tells them that he hasn't had time to enjoy his crown because he's been far too busy being delicious. Then, The Jew Producer takes out the envelope and read it and gets ready to announce the winner. After dramatic suspense, he says that the winner of Drawn Together is the viewer as he points to the camera, pointing at the viewer. The rest cast and Judge Fudge all hold hands together with him and they nod their heads in agreement. The entire audience is in a state of shock at first, and then they start booing and screaming profanities at the cast of Drawn Together for making the viewer the winner. They start throwing things at them, but the cast just ignores them and they happily wave goodbye to everyone, The Jew Producer signs the episode off, telling people that they'll see them again in season 3 real soon, in the month of October.

Musical number: None unique to this episode; however, several songs from previous episodes are featured. "Board of Education" is reprised from "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education", and several other songs are featured in a montage of music from the series. (see Montages below)

Viewer's Choice Awards[]

In a parody of numerous award shows, several clips throughout the episode are accompanied by captions proclaiming them to be viewer favorites. The "awards" are completely fictitious, however; none of the clips were actually chosen by viewers.

A Viewer's Choice Award.

  • Best Clip Show: This episode.
  • Best Hiding Place: Clara and Xandir interrogating Wooldoor in "Gay Bash".


Our lovely host, the Producer.

Fun Facts[]

A DT Fun Fact.

Throughout the episode, notes designated as "DT Fun Facts" pop up on the screen in a parody of Pop-up Video. The Fun Facts presented, however, are jokes rather than actual trivia tidbits (though a couple do contain sly references).

  • Drawn Together is seen in over fifty thousand countries by over 500 billion viewers.
  • The character of Toot is based on your mother.
  • Foxxy Love has more protuberant nipples in the second season.
    • This one is true, and refers to how the character's artwork was changed in the second season to where her nipples are always sticking out.
  • Comedy Central thought they were buying a reality show.
    • Though the network obviously didn't expect Drawn Together to be a real reality show, they did expect that the series would basically play like an animated version of The Real World, and made a concerted effort to promote it as such. According to creators Jeser and Silverstein, "This is not the show Comedy Central bought. They really thought it would be a straight-on parody of The Real World. They didn't want to play up the cartoon element that much."[1]
  • Wooldoor Sockbat was the name of Hitler's dog.
  • Drawn Together is actually better than you think.
  • Most DT fun facts aren't really that fun.

Fake airdates[]

Clip with fake airdate.

Several of the clips played during this episode include captions containing the title of the episode each clip comes from, as well as giving an original airdate for the episode. The airdates given are not the episodes' actual airdates (all but two take place before Drawn Together even premiered), but they do give insights into the real events the clips parody.

  • Little Orphan Hero
    • Clip: The housemates gather around a ringing phone and imitate the Yip Yips.
    • Actual episode airdate: November 2, 2005
    • Airdate given: November 5, 1955
    • Real life event: None in this instance; the date is a reference to the Back to the Future trilogy.
  • Gay Bash
    • Clip: Clara and Xandir interrogate Wooldoor.
    • Actual episode airdate: November 10, 2004
    • Airdate given: October 6, 1998
    • Real life event: Gay man Matthew Shepard was beaten to death.
    • Note: In the DVD version of the episode, the date is changed to October 10, 1976. According to DVD commentary for "Freaks & Greeks", the joke was taken out because co-creator Matt Silverstein became uncomfortable with it following the show's airing.
  • Clum Babies
    • Clip: Bob the Cucumber goes on a shooting spree.
    • Actual episode airdate: November 16, 2005
    • Airdate given: April 20, 1999
    • Real life event: The Columbine High School massacre.
    • Note: Another clip from the episode, the clip of Foxxy masturbating, is given the same airdate. This is contrast to the two "Little Orphan Hero" clips, which were given different airdates.
  • Captain Girl
    • Clip: Clara reprimands a drunken Toot for neglecting her duties as a mother.
    • Actual episode airdate: February 1, 2006
    • Airdate given: June 20, 2001
    • Real life event: Andrea Yates killed her five children.
  • Terms of Endearment
    • Clip: Wooldoor diagnoses Foxxy with a brain tumor.
    • Actual episode airdate: January 25, 2006
    • Airdate given: October 11, 2004
    • Real life event: Christopher Reeve died. (This actually happened on October 10, but October 11 is the date the event was announced to the public.)
  • A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special
    • Clip: Toot seduces Clara during the roleplaying exercise.
    • Actual episode airdate: March 1, 2006
    • Aridate given: April 30, 2001
    • Real life event: Chandra Levy, a former intern to California Congressman Gary Condit was last seen alive that day after having an affair with the congressman.
    • Note: The caption giving the date appears only during the end credits.

Notes and inside references[]

The audience at the clip show.

  • The idea of a "grand prize" that is mentioned as being a part of this episode has been mentioned in "Hot Tub" and "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist", though in both of those cases, the prize turned out to be nonexistent. It turns out to be nonexistent in this case also, as at the end, the Jew Producer proclaims the viewer to be the winner of Drawn Together (much to the disgust of the studio audience).
    • During this scene, both creators, Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, can be heard heckling the show; Silverstein says, "That sucked!", while Jeser says "We hate you" and "I hope you get cancelled".
  • At one point, the Jew Producer pauses to pay tribute to all the Koreans who died animating the show. In real life, much of the animation for Drawn Together is, in fact, done in Korea. The creators have often joked in interviews and commentaries about the poor Korean children being forced to animate the program (as in a sweatshop).
  • Clara, Hero, and Toot all appear twice in the "Let's meet this year's cast" montage, while Foxxy and Wooldoor do not appear at all.
  • The orange smoke that appears throughout the episode is the same smoke that appears at the beginning of the "Ling-Ling Battle Song" sequence from the first season.
  • In this episode, Captain Hero and Tim Tommerson appear as two different people. This would seem to contradict the episode "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree", which revealed them to be the same person. However, given the tongue-in-cheek nature of this entire episode, none of the events that transpire here should be taken seriously.
  • During the racism montage, a clip is shown of Clara handing Foxxy a banana. This clip did not actually appear in any episode; it is an outtake from "Ghostesses in the Slot Machine". According to Executive Producer Bill Freiberger, "...there is a scene where Foxxy is mad at Clara because Clara expects Foxxy to live in a tree. In the original version, Clara tries to apologize to Foxxy by giving her a banana. Foxxy calls her racist and attacks her. When it airs, the banana part is gone because we thought it was gratuitously racist without being particularly satirical." [2]
  • An extended version of the "Foxxy has a tumor" scene from "Terms of Endearment" is shown. The original airing was considerably shorter, interrupted by a commercial. However, the scene appears in its entirety in the DVD version of "Terms of Endearment".
    • The shooting spree scene from "Clum Babies" is shortened, eliminating the part where Bob explains to Wooldoor that he saved everyone from going to hell, and is then cured of his psychosis by Wooldoor's clum baby.
  • When Wooldoor is told that millions of people have been watching him on television the past two years, he panics because he is supposed to be in the Witness Protection Program, and jumps out the window. When he reappears on the set, he is dressed in a trench coat, curly wig, and mustache. Each time he is shown thereafter, his costume changes. Next he is a pirate (as he appeared in "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree"), then a scuba diver (from "Hot Tub"), then a cowboy (as he appeared in "Captain Girl"), and finally a pilot (as he appeared in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist").
    • When the cast is shown right before the Wooldoor montage plays, he can be seen sitting back on the stage clapping with the rest of the cast minus Foxxy. After the montage ends, he is still sitting there. Then, when the Producer resumes talking and the camera pans back to the cast, both Wooldoor and Foxxy are absent.
  • The Jew Producer says at the very end, "See you in October", referring to the third season premiere.
  • Outside of the clips from previous episodes, Ling-Ling and Clara had no dialogue in this episode.
  • The end credits display the entire episode backwards, at roughly 28x the speed. Interestingly, the visuals are semi-preliminary, with extra fake airdates and a more basic graphical design for the Viewer's Choices. The DT Fun Facts are also missing. The audio however, although also backwards and warp speed, is only sped up 16x, and covers from the ding after Jew Producer announces the winner, to partway into Bob's massacre from Clum Babies, specifically where he shoots Steve.
  • The aforementioned audio also has very slight differences between the proper episode, with blank spots for commercial breaks cut out, along with a brief pause between Jew Producer telling Wooldoor about the cameras he's been living in front of, his "Cameras?" retort, and the Judge Fudge jingle after his catchphrase. The dramatic stings in the Terms of Endearment clip also come in ever-so-slightly sooner.

Names of the dead Korean Children used to make Drawn Together[]

  1. Hye Kim
  2. Domo Kim
  3. Fang Kim
  4. Fang Park
  5. Domo Park
  6. Jeffrey Kim
  7. Jinka Park-Kim
  8. Gomeb Inderdip
  9. Shio Park
  10. Den Kim-Park
  11. Ralph Kim
  12. Charlie Chan
  13. Lucy Lui
  14. Mr. Park
  15. Mrs. Park
  16. Mr. Park Sr.
  17. Inim Kim
  18. Hornry Kim
  19. Bruce Lee-Kim
  20. Tyne Daly-Park
  21. George Clooney-Kim
  22. Brendon Lee-Park
  23. Charlie Chan Jr.
  24. William Kim
  25. Num Su Kim
  26. Felix Finkleman
  27. Quix AreForKids
  28. Captain Krunch Park
  29. Emo Chan
  30. Artoush Fararoufian
  31. Xu Su Nom Soy Chim
  32. Xu Xus Pettles
  33. Pat Moriata
  34. Ralph Machio
  35. Candlestick Park
  36. Ralph Park
  37. Oscar Madison
  38. Fonzy
  39. Wele Yoches
  40. Bom Kim-Park
  41. Kim Kim
  42. Park Sun Kim
  43. Park Sux Park
  44. Sux Sun Park
  45. Mr. Park-Kim
  46. and the entire Park family

Cultural references[]

  • This episode marks another case of Drawn Together mocking a television convention, the clip show. This particular show also mocks award shows and reunion shows, in particular the finale of multiple seasons of Survivor, which bring the entire cast back after the show is over to reveal the name of the winner in front of a live studio audience.

The housemates, Brady Bunch style.

  • At one point, there is a shot where the screen is divided into nine boxes arranged in a 3x3 grid, with a different housemate in each perimeter box and the Monkey Man in the center, mimicking the way the cast appeared in the credits of The Brady Bunch.
  • When the Jew Producer opens fire on the audience, the Wilhelm scream makes yet another appearance.
  • Throughout the clip montages, a laugh track is heard constantly. This is mocking the overuse of laugh tracks in sitcoms, particularly older ones.
  • During one scene, Hero calls Tim Tommerson to the stage, then makes out with him while taunting Xandir and raises the finger on Foxxy as she taunts Hero as well while flashing from the audience while the crowd chants "Jew-y!". This entire segment mocks The Jerry Springer Show. In this instance, the crowd shouts "Jew-y!" (referring to the Jew Producer) in the same manner that the crowd on Jerry Springer always shouts "Jerry!".
  • Foxxy claims she's going to South Africa, similar to how Dave Chappelle went there after he halted production on the third season of Chappelle's Show. This also refers to Jerri Manthey who walked off the set during the live Survivor: All-Stars reunion show after the audience booed her.
    • When she reappears on the set, she is in shackles, suggesting that the producers brought her back from Africa in the manner of a captured slave.
  • The Jew Producer signs off with the phrase, "And may God Bless!", which was the signoff Red Skelton always used in his radio and television broadcasts.
  • At the beginning of the episode, there's a random picture of somebody holding an Alpenhorn in a reference to Ricola commercials.


It can be viewed at the official Drawn Together website here.