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Drawn Together Character
Full Name Scroto
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair None (Brown Pubic Hair)
Age Unknown
Job Supervillain
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Christianity
Voiced by Jason Huber

Scroto is an arch-villain and personal nemesis of Captain Hero who appears in the episode "Charlotte's Web of Lies". He is an evil villain who's main and only scheme is tricking Captain hero into washing his balls. He is voiced by Jason Huber.


Scroto takes personal enjoyment in tricking Captain Hero (and only Captain Hero) into washing his testicles through elaborate schemes. This is the only "crime" he is guilty of committing, instead of world takeovers, blowing up the planet, or bank robberies. Scroto does not seem to mind if these schemes cause him elaborate physical pain (being run over by a van, being harpooned in the leg) as long as Captain Hero washes his testicles.

With his bald head and body armor, Scroto bears a strong resemblance to Lex Luthor, archnemesis of Superman. The orange with red trim outfit over his body armor has a part hanging between his legs that looks like a penis.

He rides a personal jet craft with spherical engines; the significance of these become apparent when he crashes through walls: The hole looks like a penis and testicles. The craft can be summoned via controls on his left gauntlet.

Scroto's lower-body personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired: it is rife with "piss, sweat, and ass" as described by Captain Hero in his song. In the uncensored DVD, both Scroto's dirty and clean testicles can be seen.