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Rim-Shot Guy is a character in Drawn Together who made his first appearance in The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II. He is a Hawaiian tribesman of the Wanatuba Tribe, who randomly appears in certain episodes of the show and plays a rim-shot on a drum kit whenever a character makes a pun or corny joke.


The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II[]

  • (Toot is eating a bunch of fish)
  • Tribesman: Wow, I haven't seen that much eating, since Lilith Fair come to island.
  • (Rim Shot)

  • Foxxy: Sure enough, everybody else had lost their minds, but not the Foxxy. She knew Sweetcake was up to no good. Foxxy's got a sixth sense for this kind of thing and six cents for a handy in the back alley.
  • (Rim Shot)

Captain Hero's Marriage Pact[]

  • Spanky: Some of the greatest songs have been based off of tragic deaths. Think Candles in the Wind, think Tears in Heaven, think Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer.
  • (Rim-Shot)

Clum Babies[]

  • Clara: You have an answer for everything, don't you?
  • Foxxy: Yep. Except for math.
  • (Rim Shot)

A Tale of Two Cows[]

  • Captain Hero: Red eyes, foaming mouth. Zoinks! Live Action Cow has rabbis!
  • Clara: It's pronounced "Rabies", although they're both incurable diseases.
  • (Rim Shot)

Captain Girl[]

  • (Toot angrily eats Wooldoor and then craps him out)
  • Wooldoor: That's one irritable bowel.
  • (Rim-Shot)

Spelling Applebee's[]

  • (Foxxy admits that she doesn't know how to spell)
  • Wooldoor: Well, that explains her obsession with Malcolm Q.
  • (Rim Shot)

Lost in Parking Space, Part One[]

  • Delivery Guy: I haven't had a delivery this bad since my wife's miscarriage.
  • (Rim Shot)

  • Delivery Guy: I've seen Home Alone like, 17 times.
  • (In Confessional): Watching that adorable little kid running around is the closest thing me and my wife will ever get to having a real son.
  • (Rim Shot)