Drawn Together Character
Full Name Ni-Pul
Gender Female
Race Asian (Battle Monster)
Hair Purple
Age 20's
Job Unknown (Most likely unemployed)
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Cree Summer

Ni-Pul is a purple female battle monster with whom Ling-Ling's father paired Ling-Ling in an arranged relationship. Her name is a pun on the word "nipple." Ni-Pul is voiced by Cree Summer.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ni-Pul is a little purple battle monster with a body that resembles a hybrid between that of a human and a cat. She seems about a bit bigger than Ling-Ling. Ni-Pul seems to have the body, face and legs of a human woman and the head and arms of a cat. She also has a giant tail that resembles that of a cat's serves as a rocket launcher as it can eject giant red missiles from it. Ni-Pul wears a shiny purple dress and high heels. She has short, dark purple hair. She has purple stripes on her arms, legs, tail, and back, and her face has human eyes, a human mouth, a cat nose, and at ears. Ni-Pul has blue eyes and red lipstick. She speaks fluent English, unlike most battle monsters in the show, but she still has the stereotypical Asian speech impediment where she pronounces her Ls as Rs.

she is whippa

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Clum Babies: After Ling-Ling's father informed him that he was to be set up with an "arranged battle", Ling-Ling was distinctly opposed to the idea. However, he changed his mind once he actually saw Ni-Pul, falling in love with her at first sight. The two were in love and battled often, but eventually the constant battling lost its novelty, and Ni-Pul became visibly less interested in battling Ling-Ling. When Ling-Ling confronted her about how the passion had gone from their relationship, Ni-Pul suggested that they reinvigorate the relationship by dropping the battle metaphor and simply having sex. Ling-Ling agreed to it, and they happily spent the rest of the episode having sex until Bob the Cucumber killed them both during his mad shooting spree. Though she was apparently revived by Wooldoor's clum babies, her relationship with Ling-Ling is never mentioned again, though, it is highly possible that they are still a couple. 

The Drawn Together Clip Show: Ni-Pul has a cameo appearance as an audience member.

American Idol Parody Clip Show: Ni-Pul has a cameo appearance as an audience member.

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