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Network Head
Network Head.PNG
Drawn Together Character
Full Name The Network Head
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Grey
Age 50
Job Television network president
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Presumably Christian
Voiced by Vernon Wells

Tom Kenny (The Lego Movie) (deleted scene)

Scott, the Network Head, as his name would indicate, is the head of the television network that formerly aired Drawn Together in-universe, and is the Jew Producer's boss. The Network Head is determined to erase the Drawn Together gang from existence, holding them personally responsible for a tragedy that destroyed his family. Upon seeing a billboard promoting the show, his daughter was so disturbed by Foxxy and Clara kissing, his wife drove the car she was driving into a lake of acid, killing both herself and the couple's young daughter, and causing his face to be permanently disfigured when it was splashed with acid. He is eventually killed when, after being impaled on a spike while trying to erase the housemates, he detonates a large amount of eraser-based explosives strapped to his waist, erasing himself and everyone else in Make-A-Point-Land (the housemates make it out just in time). He is also shown to be in a romantic relationship of some sort with the Suck My Taint Girl.


The Network Head is an arrogant man who believes that all cartoon characters whose shows have been cancelled should be erased from existence permanently so they cannot come back and interfere with the success of his media empire. His attitude is intensified toward the Drawn Together housemates, as he holds them responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter. He is extremely obsessed with erasing all of the Drawn Together Housemates and programmed I.S.R.A.E.L. to do that job for him.

Network Head moments before being knocked out