Mad Libber
Mad Libber
Drawn Together Character
Full Name The Mad Libber
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Purple
Age 30's or 40's
Job Supervillain
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
The Mad Libber is a villain that appeared in the episode Captain Girl. He is one of Captain Hero's recurring enemies who causes all kinds of crimes. He writes letters, saying what he's doing, but all of the nouns and verbs have been left blank so that it will be in the form of Mad Libs and the hero will have to figure it out first. After committing his deeds, he leaves behind an incomplete taunting message such as "Fear My __(noun)__ !"


The Mad Libber is a white guy with a dark purple mullet. He wears a black mask and a light blue long sleeved shirt with darker blue stripes along the sleeves. He also wears a black cape.


The Mad Libber is an evil supervillain who commits basically all stereotypical crimes that the average supervillains cause such as robbing banks, blowing things up, kidnapping people, etc. The thing that's different about him, is that he leaves ransom notes that are in the form of Mad Libs for the heroes to decipher, only to figure out what terrible thing had happened.


  • "The dam will be blown up in 3 ... 2 ..."
  • "Captain Girl? Who the hell is Captain Girl?"
  • "Captain Hero never had a sidekick. No one would work with that lunatic!"
  • "Mwahahahahahahahaha!"