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Live Action Cow is a character that appeared in the episode A Tale of Two Cows. She is an animal from the live action forest who was kept as Wooldoor's pet cow.


Live Action Cow was a cow that Wooldoor found in the Live Action Woods. He loved her so much, he kept her as a pet and kept it a secret from the rest of the gang. However, they eventually found out and they were not happy. He convinced them that she was truly an amazing animals and eventually, they all agreed and they all fell in love with her too. They kept her as a pet until she got rabies and Wooldoor was forced to shoot her. However, he refused to do so which led to her going on a killing spree around town. Eventually, she was stopped and Wooldoor was held respondible for it. Wooldoor was about to get killed for it until Live Action Cow jumped in from of the guns and sacrificed her life for him and so, ended her life, leaving Wooldoor only with beautiful memories.


Live Action Cow is a live action photograph of a cow. She is a white cow with black spots and she has a brown rope collar around her neck.