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List of episodes of Drawn Together.

Clicking on each episode's title will bring up a complete synopsis of the plot of each episode, along with other trivia notes, including a cataloguing of all the TV and film parodies, as well as other cultural and historical references, contained within it.

Each episode except "Lost in Parking Space, Part One" and "Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care" contains at least one musical number that ties into the action of the scene in which it appears. These are either original songs sung by the cast (often full-blown production numbers), or outside songs that play during montages.

A total of 36 episodes have been produced, spanning three production seasons.

Episode List[]

Episodes are listed in the order of the date they aired, which does not necessarily coincide with the order in which they were produced (as indicated by the production codes listed).

Season 1: 2004[]

Image Title Original Airdate Production Code #
Drawntogethers01e01 01.png Hot Tub October 27, 2004 101 1
Foxxy tries to teach Clara a lesson about racism. Toot must come to terms with the fact that she's no longer a sex symbol.
Drawntogethers01e02 01.png Clara's Dirty Little Secret November 3, 2004 102 2
Clara reveals that she has a monster vagina living between her legs.
Drawntogethers01e03 01.png Gay Bash November 10, 2004 103 3
Xandir tries to adjust to life out of the closet. Spanky forces Ling-Ling into slavery making bootleg basketball shoes.
Drawntogethers01e04 03.png Requiem for a Reality Show November 17, 2004 104 4
A food competition leaves half the housemates on the brink of starvation.
Drawntogethers01e05 02.png The Other Cousin December 1, 2004 105 5
Captain Hero falls for Clara's retarded cousin Bleh. Ling-Ling is discovered to secrete a hallucinogenic drug when disappointed.
Drawntogethers01e06 05.png Dirty Pranking No. 2 December 8, 2004 107 6
Spanky teaches Clara how to prank the pizza man. Xandir is upset when Captain Hero keeps cancelling their plans together.
Drawntogethers01e07 01.png The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist December 15, 2004 108 7
The housemates are pitted against each other in a parody of The Apprentice.

Season 2: 2005-2006[]

Image Title Original Airdate Production Code #
Drawntogethers02e01 01s.png The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II October 19, 2005 201 8
The housemates discover that their new roommate, Strawberry Sweetcake, has a dark secret.
Drawntogethers02e02 01s.png Foxxy vs. the Board of Education October 26, 2005 202 9
Foxxy tries to foil the Board of Education's racist plans. Spanky gay marries Xandir for the health insurance.
Drawntogethers02e03 01s.png Little Orphan Hero November 2, 2005 203 10
Captain Hero reunites with his parents. The housemates start a suicide hotline.
Video3.jpg Captain Hero's Marriage Pact November 9, 2005 205 11
Captain Hero is forced to honor a marriage pact with his old girlfriend, Unusually Flexible Girl. Foxxy uses her bandmates' demise to stage a comeback.
Drawntogethers02e05 03s.png Clum Babies November 16, 2005 204 12
Wooldoor produces sperm with magical healing powers. Ling-Ling finds the woman of his dreams.
Drawntogethers02e06 03s.png Ghostesses in the Slot Machine November 30, 2005 206 13
When an Indian casino opens up next door, Foxxy opens a strip club, and Captain Hero takes part in fixed superhero fights.
Drawntogethers02e07 01s.png Super Nanny December 7, 2005 207 14
Captain Hero is disciplined by Super Nanny. Ling-Ling becomes Americanized in order to pass his driving test.
Drawntogethershowerscene.jpg Terms of Endearment January 25, 2006 106 15
After his X-ray vision turns Foxxy into a minstrel show caricature, Captain Hero gives up his powers and is confined to a wheelchair.
Herowooldoor.jpg Captain Girl February 1, 2006 208 16
Toot becomes a mother to a baby from Nicaragua. Wooldoor becomes Captain Hero's sidekick.
Xandirandtootkiss.jpg A Tale of Two Cows February 8, 2006 210 17
Wooldoor brings home a live action cow. Toot uses a video game cheat book to bring Xandir to her fat camp reunion.
Xandirandtim1.jpg Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree February 15, 2006 209 18
Xandir has a romantic encounter with Captain Hero's alter ego Tim. Drawn Together receives an "F" from Entertainment Weekly.
Lemonaidswalk2.png The Lemon-AIDS Walk February 22, 2006 212 19
Captain Hero uses steroids to win the AIDS walk. Wooldoor steals candy from the mall.
100.px A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special March 1, 2006 213 20
The housemates do a role-playing exercise to help Xandir tell his parents he is gay.
100.px Alzheimer's That Ends Well March 8, 2006 211 21
Clara gets an operation to remove her Octopussoir. The housemates believe that Toot is suffering from Alzheimer's and check her into a nursing home.
100.px The Drawn Together Clip Show March 15, 2006 214 22
The best of the past two seasons in clip show form.

Season 3: 2006-2007[]

Image Title Original Airdate Production Code #
Drawntogether301-1.jpg Freaks & Greeks October 5, 2006 301 23
Hero sets up his own fraternity, with Wooldoor and Xandir as pledges. Ling-Ling's father falls in love with Toot.
Tootdrool.jpg Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable! October 12, 2006 302 24
A Terminator tries to stop Wooldoor's new children's show from turning the world gay. Toot pursues the mythical Wienermobile.
Dt303-2.jpg Spelling Applebee's October 19, 2006 303 25
Foxxy competes in spelling bees. Captain Hero discovers Clara has a sexual fetish for car crashes.
Drawntogether304-2.jpg Unrestrainable Trainable October 25, 2006 304 26
Captain Hero's "special" son, mothered by his sister, attacks the city. Clara keeps Wooldoor sick to receive attention for taking care of him.
Drawntogether305-1.jpg N.R.A.y RAY November 1, 2006 305 27
Captain Hero takes up hunting. Foxxy hides her grandson Ray-Ray in the walls of the Drawn Together house while she's on trial.
Captianherocoolkids.PNG Mexican't Buy Me Love November 8, 2006 307 28
Ling-Ling takes up cockfighting in order to bribe the Mexican police. Captain Hero is desperate to hang out with the Cool Kids.
Drawntogether306.JPG Lost in Parking Space, Part One November 15, 2006 306 29
Clara preaches to her housemates about the Rapture. When they later get trapped in a parking space, she thinks they have been taken off to heaven.
DTLips2sm.png Lost in Parking Space, Part Two October 4, 2007 308 30
The conclusion to the previous episode's cliffhanger.
LLshoes.png Charlotte's Web of Lies October 11, 2007 313 31
Spanky's affair with Charlotte the spider develops into a fatal attraction. Captain Hero comes face to face with his arch-nemesis. Ling-Ling pursues his lifelong dream of becoming a dancer.
DTbfk6.png Breakfast Food Killer October 18, 2007 312 32
Wooldoor takes the place of a murdered cereal mascot and gets caught up in the evil cereal game.
DTBabies1.png Drawn Together Babies October 25, 2007 309 33
The housemates are shown as toddlers, where they accidentally kill their babysitter and must try to cover up her death.
DTnip2.png Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care November 1, 2007 310 34
Ling-Ling is sent to foster care when it is discovered he is only three years old. Captain Hero's nipple ring allows him to communicate with his past self.
DTbolsm.png Toot Goes Bollywood November 8, 2007 311 35
An Indian family mistakes Toot for a cow. Foxxy recovers a repressed memory of being sexually abused and plans revenge.
DTenvelop.png American Idol Parody Clip Show November 14, 2007 314 36
The housemates compete in an American Idol-type talent contest.