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James Arnold Taylor
Drawn Together Actor
Full Name James Arnold Taylor
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Blonde
Birthday July 22, 1969
Job Voice Actor, Voice Double

James Arnold Taylor is a veteran voice actor who voices Wooldoor Sockbat on Drawn Together, as well as the recurring roles of The Jew Producer and Judge Fudge. Additionally, Taylor provides the voices for numerous minor characters on the show, including the Genie, the Distinguished Gentleman, Captain Hero's son, the spelling bee emcee, the boy in the Quackers cereal commercial and the Violent Retard.

In The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, in addition to Wooldoor and the Jew Producer, Taylor voices the Jew Producer's next-door neighbor Eddie, Brainy and Hefty Smurf, Barney Rubble, the Make-A-Point Wizard and the speaking audience members at The Suck My Taint Show.

Two of Taylor's non-Drawn Together roles have been utilized in the series. In "Lost in Parking Space, Part Two", Taylor voiced Fred Flintstone in a cameo role; Taylor currently voices Flintstone in a variety of television commercials. Also, in "Captain Girl", Taylor imitates the voice of Michael J. Fox during a Back to the Future parody; Fox is one of many celebrities for whom Taylor often serves as a voice double. Other non-DT roles for James include Johnny Test, Tidus from Final Fantasy X and Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. (In Final Fantasy X, James Arnold Taylor also stars alongside Tara Strong, who plays Rikku in the same game. Tara Strong is the voice of Princess Clara in Drawn Together)

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