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Jack Plotnick
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Drawn Together Actor
Full Name Jack Plotnick
Gender Male
Race White
Hair Brown
Birthday October 30, 1968
Job Actor, voice actor, commercial actor

Jack Plotnick is an actor who provides the voice for Xandir on Drawn Together. Prior to Plotnick's casting, the role of Xandir was to have been played by Nat Faxon. However, Faxon was fired following the first table read because the network felt his portrayal of the character was too stereotypically gay. According to DVD commentary for "A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special", Plotnick ended up being cast because he could play a gay man without resorting to stereotypical mannerisms such the gay lisp.

Prior to joining the cast of Drawn Together, Plotnick worked on Action with Drawn Together creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein.


  • Coincidentally, just like the character he voices, Xandir, Plotnick is also a homosexual.
  • In an interview, Plotnick said that, despite playing a video game character, he is not a gamer.

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