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Drawn Together Character
Full Name Gash
Gender Male
Race Asian
Hair Black
Age 10
Job Battle Monster Trainer
Sexuality Homosexual (Possibly a gag)
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Jason Huber

Gash is a black-haired adolescent boy who is the former trainer/best friend of Ling-Ling. A parody of Pokémon's Ash Ketchum (the trainer of Pikachu, whom Ling-Ling is based on). He is voiced by Jason Huber.


Gash captures and trains battle monsters to fight using a red and white pyramid, a reference to Poké Balls (Possibly also being a reference to the millennium puzzle in Yu GI Oh). Several years ago, Gash ruined Ling-Ling's dreams of becoming a dancer by capturing him and taking his dancing shoes away, forcing him into a life of fighting. Ling-Ling appears to bear Gash some resentment because of this, as he is twice seen envisioning himself brutally murdering Gash. But he seems to have forgiven Gash during Charlotte's Web of Lies.


Gash is an Anime style Asian boy with spiky black hair and big black eyes. He wears a dark blue visor and a red jacket with a black shirt and blue pants.


Gash is a mean and unempathetic young boy who doesn't give a single care about the battle monsters he tortures and raises with abuse and uses for battle. He is obsessed with fighting with battle monsters and does nothing with his life other than that.


Hot Tub: A deleted introduction from this episode features a clip of Gash releasing Ling-Ling from his pyramid, followed immediately by Ling-Ling attacking him.

Gay Bash: The clip of Ling-Ling attacking Gash is repeated during a fantasy of Ling-Ling's, only

Ling Ling and Gash

this time the clip ends with Ling-Ling ripping off a mask to reveal Spanky's face.

Foxxy vs. the Board of Education: When Foxxy promises to be Ling-Ling's best friend, Ling-Ling remarks that he needs a new best friend after his old one died tragically; the clip of Ling-Ling attacking Gash then plays once again.

Charlotte's Web of Lies: Ling-Ling tries to get away from his life of killing by taking a small part in a show called Drawn Together: The Musical. At the show, Gash shows up and returns Ling-Ling's dancing shoes to him and reveals the reason he prevented Ling-Ling from dancing: he wanted to be a dancer himself, but was unable because he lacked the talent. The two then put on an elaborate dance number, which sadly, most of the audience misses because they are busy being killed by another battle monster Gash owns, Post-Pubescent Frankie Muniz.


  • His first name "Gash" is not only a parody on Ash's name, but also a reference to the word Gash, which means a giant bone-deep scar, which connects with the gory violence of the battle monster's fights.