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Drawn Together: The Uncensored Soundtrack is a CD containing music from the series, released in conjunction with The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!. It was made available for digital download on April 19, 2010 and then released into stores on April 20th, the same day as the movie.

The album carries a parental warning label due to profanity. No edited version is available.

Track Listing[]

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All songs are written by Eban Schletter except as noted. Songs without a listed singer are not sung in character.

For a full list of all songs that appeared in the series, see Music in Drawn Together.


  • Ling-Ling's battle song appears four times overall, while "Ling-Ling's Lament" (from "Gay Bash") is mysteriously absent.
  • "Black Chick's Tongue" contains slightly different lyrics than those that appeared in the episode. The line "And we've only just begun" (the line that appeared in the version from "Hot Tub") is changed to "Oh yeah, Foxxy's getting some". Wooldoor's version of the song uses the former line, suggesting that the version on the CD is the original version and the one in "Hot Tub" is the changed version.
  • The CD version of "Shit Sandwich" is a different recording from the one featured in the episode. The version on the soundtrack album is longer, with some of the lines being sung by different characters than sang them in the episode.
  • "Sunshine", "Drunk Ass Bitch", "Lady Luck", and "Implanted Memories" are all longer in their soundtrack versions than they were in the episode.
  • No licensed songs are included on the album. This is likely the reason why Toot's version of "A Moment Like This" and Spanky's version of "I Wanted You To Know" are excluded; they are the only songs from "American Idol Parody Clip Show" not to be included on the album.
  • In addition to "Ling-Ling's Lament", other original songs which are not included on the album include "This Is Our Version" from "Dirty Pranking No. 2", "Judge Fudge" from "The Lemon-AIDS Walk", "You'll Really Love Being Abandoned Here" from "Alzheimer's That Ends Well", and "Happy Stupid Kid Show Theme" from "Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!".
  • Toot and Spanky are the only characters who do not have songs of their own on the album. Toot's only appearances on the album are in the group songs "One House" and "Drawn Together Babies". Spanky's only appearances are in the same two songs and "Shit Sandwich". Princess Clara does not have a solo song, but she is part of several duets; she also sings most of "Bully Song" by herself (Wooldoor only sings a few lines), and has a slightly larger role than the others in "Shit Sandwich".
  • The Amazon version lists 37 tracks instead of 36; it mistakenly includes a song called "Spanky Bongos", which does not actually appear on the album. Additionally, certain tracks are titled slightly differently.

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