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Cree Summer
Drawn Together Actor
Full Name Cree Summer
Gender Female
Race Black: Afro-Indigenous (Father: White, Mother: Afro-Indian)
Hair Black
Birthday July 7, 1969
Job Actress, voice actress, singer

Cree Summer is a veteran voice actress who voices Foxxy Love on Drawn Together. Additionally, Summer provides the voices for numerous minor characters on the show, including Strawberry Sweetcake, Ni-Pul, Super Nanny, Xandir's girlfriend, Captain She-Ro and all five members of the Foxxy 5. Prior to working on Drawn Together, she worked on A Different World as a live actor and did voice roles on Rugrats, Tiny Toon Adventures, Inspector Gadget and All Grown Up, as well as many other shows.

Summer is also a musician, having recorded a solo album, Street Faerie and performed as a backup singer on other artists' records. Not surprisingly, over the course of the series, she performs several songs in character as Foxxy. Summer co-wrote (with Eban Schletter) the song "Suck My Taint" from The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! and in the film, she performs it in character as the Suck My Taint Girl, whom she voices. In the movie, she also voices the network head's wife as well as her usual character of Foxxy.

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