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Clara's Dirty Little Secret
Drawntogethers01e02 05.png
Drawn Together Episode
Season/Episode Season 1 Episode 2
Production Code 102
Original Airdate November 3, 2004
Guest Voices
Written By Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein
Directed By Dwayne Carey-Hill
Previous Episode Hot Tub
Next Episode Gay Bash

"Clara's Dirty Little Secret" is the second episode of Drawn Together.


Toot is jealous of the boys paying more attention to Clara than they are to her, so she digs up a secret about Clara which reveals that she has a monster vagina between her legs. Ling-Ling is sick and tired of constantly having to do the dirty dishes.


Weeks have passed since Clara's first encounter with Foxxy and she's spent the entire time telling everyone the story nonstop, to the delight of all of the housemates except Toot. Thinking Clara needs to be taken down a peg, Toot convinces Clara that she's pregnant with Foxxy's child. This causes Clara to panic, as she realizes in horror her father would never allow her to birth a black woman's child. Toot informs Clara that she can end the pregnancy by falling down a flight of stairs, a goal with which Toot is more than happy to assist her. After Toot pushes Clara down the stairs numerous times, Foxxy asks Clara what is going on and Clara confesses to her that she is pregnant with Foxxy's love child. Realizing that Clara is completely ignorant about sex, Foxxy decides to set everyone straight by giving the housemates a sex-ed lesson, but rather than making her happy she cannot be pregnant, Clara becomes despondent.

Foxxy confronts Clara to find out what the problem is. Clara reveals that after Foxxy's lesson (which stressed the importance of a woman's vagina), she now realizes that she will never be able to find happiness, since no man will ever want to come near her intimate areas. Foxxy tries to tell Clara that regardless of what her father might have told her, her vagina is a beautiful place, but Clara proves otherwise by revealing that her vagina is a gigantic, tentacled monster, the result of a curse placed upon her by her stepmother.

Although gentle on the surface, the Octopussoir (as Clara calls it) is revealed to be extremely sensitive to loud noises. Toot wastes no time exploiting this quality and deliberately disturbs the Octopussoir, causing it to destroy the furniture in the living room and consume Wooldoor (and a cameraman). Despite Foxxy's attempts to protect her, the other housemates temporarily adopt desperate measures and chase Clara before an alternative is found.

According to her stepmother, only the kiss of her true love can break the curse. To this end, the housemates stage a Bachelorette-type contest in which men compete for the tittle of Prince Charming to be Clara's true love. Clara meets the actual Prince Charming and becomes instantly smitten with him, believing him to be the man of her dreams. However, his kiss, rather than curing her curse, causes his penis to turn into an octopus itself. Dismayed at his new condition, Prince Charming commits suicide.

Since the curse now appears to be irreversible, the housemates (except Foxxy) once again take up arms to kill the Octopussoir. Clara tries to show them that the Octopussoir is kind and charitable deep down, but it is not until the Octopussoir begins cleaning the long dormant pile of dirty dishes in the sink (much to Ling-Ling's delight) that everyone realizes that it's not such a bad creature after all. The housemates all come to terms with Clara's Octopussoir, and Clara makes peace with her stepmother. The episode ends with Wooldoor being expelled from Clara's vagina.

Musical Number: "La-La-La-La-Labia", a Hanna-Barbera style song sung by Foxxy and the housemates a'la Josie and the Pussycats during a montage in which everyone chases Clara's vagina. Lyrically, the song is basically a long string of vagina metaphors.


Major Roles[]

Minor Roles[]

Lyrics to "La-la-la-la Labia"[]

Foxxy gives the housemates a sex ed lesson.

Foxxy: La la la la labia baby you got something for me (in your wizard's sleeve)
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (some sweet PT)
Hoochie coochie gitchy gitchy yeah yeah yeah
Gotta snatcha gonna catcha yatcha yeah yeah yeah
Binja minja bearded clam
Furry burger smiley sam
La la la la labia baby you got something for me
Octopussoir: Oh yes siree!
Foxxy: Fluffy muffy stuffy in the yeah yeah yeah
I gotta fever for the beaver weaver yeah yeah yeah
Honey pot peachie pie
Octopussoir: Take it to the Y-clef
Foxxy: La la la la labia baby you got something for me (in your wizard's sleeve)
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (some sweet PT)
Bushy bushy fishy squishy yeah yeah yeah
Smelly jelly underbelly yeah yeah yeah
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (in your wizard's sleeve)
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (some sweet PT)
Cookie nookie slitty kitty yeah yeah yeah
I diggy giggy murky wiggy yeah yeah yeah
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (in your wizard's sleeve)
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (some sweet PT)
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (in your wizard's sleeve)
La la la la labia baby you got something for me (some sweet PT)
Genre: Disco, funk

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Ling-Ling: Why always dirty dishes in the sink? I'm not your maid people!

  • Princess Clara: Oh my God! I am pregnant!
  • Ling-Ling: Oh my God! Sink full of dirty dishes again!

  • Foxxy Love: Really, when you was but a child. Your evil stepfather put a curse on your vagina?
  • Princess Clara: What? weren't you paying attention? My evil stepmother. Mother!
  • Toot: Uh, DUUUUUH!

  • Spanky: What the?
  • Captain Hero: Where'd Clara go?
  • Toot: We're confused now.
  • Captain Hero: Oh, I see. We fell for the old neck sprain well lit pie diversion.

Notes and inside references[]

Ling-Ling goes on strike.

  • When Clara tells Foxxy and Toot about her curse through interpretive dance, Foxxy misinterprets the move for "stepmother" as "stepfather". After Clara corrects her, Toot looks in Foxxy's direction and says, "Duuuuuuuuhhhhhh!" while her mouth is animated with a severe overbite, like a donkey. This would mark the beginning of one of the show's most frequently employed running gags.
  • In Foxxy's flashback where Wooldoor is dressed as a priest, he gives Clara a Christian bible, but curiously has an Egyptian ankh symbol on his sash. Wooldoor would also be depicted as a priest in several future episodes; his sash would have the ankh symbol on it in those appearances as well.
  • In the same flashback (mentioned above), Clara is shown being introduced to Christianity by Wooldoor (who is wearing priest attire). Clara's Christianity would later become one of her primary character traits.
  • Ling-Ling's drum kit is composed mainly of suspended plates. The dishes are dirty the first time the song is played, but are clean during the song at the end of episode, having been cleaned by Clara's Octopussoir.
  • The Octopussoir writes a check to Jews for Jesus, a controversial evangelical organization devoted to converting Jews to Christianity- exactly the kind of charity one might expect Clara to contribute to, given her religious views.
  • As Foxxy is in the confessional discussing Clara's peril, the group chases Clara through the confessional behind her, suggesting that the confessional segments occur simultaneously with the action in the episode. This parodies the confessional segments in The Real World, which are always shot separately at the end of the week. Drawn Together would go on to feature many future confessional segments of this nature.
  • The Evil Stepmother is voiced by Cree Summer.
  • It was a running gag in this episode for Ling-Ling to have to do the dishes.
    • The episode began with Ling-Ling finding dirty dishes in the sink which made him angry.
    • When Toot and Clara were talking late at night, Ling-Ling came downstairs to see more dirty dishes in the sink.
    • When everyone was in the panic room, Ling-Ling was seen furiously scrubbing the dirty dishes with a scrub brush in a wooden bucket of water.
    • During the 24 scene, one of the split screens showed Ling-Ling screaming in rage while he saw a sink full of dirty dishes.
    • During the musical number, Ling-Ling was hitting a bunch of dirty dishes with drumsticks as though they were drums.
    • At the end of the episode, Ling-Ling was happy to see the Octopussior cleaning the dirty dishes.


  • The first time she is seen from the front during Foxxy's sex-ed class, Toot's legs are bare. The next time she is shown, she is wearing stockings like usual.
  • During the musical number's first appearence, Captain Hero's cape is missing in one of the shots of him and Spanky singing the line "In your wizard's sleeve", but once back to the group shot, the cape is back.
  • After performing the musical number, Foxxy grabs Clara and rushes to the bathroom. At first, the door opens from the left side on the outside, as it does elsewhere in the series. However, when Foxxy places the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob, the door opens from the right side.
  • When Ling-Ling decides he's had enough of doing the dishes, he holds up a sign that says "Lock Out." However, since he is refusing to work, as opposed to not being allowed to work, he is actually on strike.
  • When the Octopussoir and Prince Charming's mutilated penis are done playing, Octopussoir speaks in a higher pitched scratchy voice, and the Prince's counterpart responds in a lower gruff voice. In the confessional shot following (and in Alzheimer's That Ends Well) the Octopussoir speaks in the low gruff voice.

Cultural references[]

  • Foxxy's audiobook is narrated by Droopy Dog, the animated basset hound created by Tex Avery for MGM. Droopy is known for his slow, mournful manner of speech, which contrasts humorously with Clara's saucy account of her hot tub kiss.
  • Toot tells Clara that the only way to stop herself from being pregnant is to be pushed down a flight of stairs. Toot does this on the stairs in the house, but says it didn't work. Clara suggests the M.C. Escher room; M.C. Escher was a Dutch artist famous for a lithograph print named Relativity, which depicts a room made up entirely of staircases, all of which lead to nowhere and normal laws of gravity do not apply. The M.C. Escher room that Toot and Clara visit is a duplicate of this.
  • Wooldoor's blocks spell out the message 2 PAC RIP, a reference to murdered rapper Tupac Shakur.
  • The naked middle-aged man and woman used in Foxxy's sex lesson are based on visuals from the sex education book Where Did I Come From? by Peter Mayle.[1]
  • The concept of Clara's vagina being a tentacled monster is a reference to tentacle rape, a theme found in a number of hentai films. The monster might be more directly a reference to the anime Urotsukidoji, which is probably the most famous film dealing with the subject.

The 24 parody.

  • The scene where the screen splits into four frames depicting everyone in peril, with a countdown clock displayed, is a reference to the television series 24.
  • The scene where Wooldoor Sockbat gets pulled into Clara's vagina and nearly crushed to death is a spoof of the scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, where Luke, Han and Leia are trapped in one of the garbage smashers on the Death Star, but are saved from being crushed by C-3PO and R2-D2 shutting it down. When Clara's vagina begins to close in on Wooldoor, he calls out, "Threepio! Threepio!" on what looks to be a commlink.
  • The scene where Xandir cowers while Clara's vagina corners him and sticks out its tongue is taken from the film Alien³.
  • Foxxy's "neck-sprain well-lit pie diversion" is a reference to Scooby-Doo, which often featured villains deceiving people with false images created by highly implausible methods.
  • The chasing scene after revolving against Clara's Vagina is a parody of Scooby-Doo's chase scenes.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Clara's mother died when she was a little girl. This fits in with her being a spoof of Disney princesses, the large majority of whom have one or both parents deceased, usually their mother.
  • The character of Prince Charming is another stock fairy tale character, often used in stories as an idealized representation of the young female protagonist's true love. His kiss being required to break Clara's curse is based on stories (particularly "The Frog Prince") where the handsome prince has been transformed into a hideous creature of some sort, and the young woman's kiss is required to transform him back. "Beauty and the Beast" (which is also parodied in this episode) is a more complex version of this. Prince Charming's accent is wildly inconsistent in this episode, ranging from accented English to a thick Spanish accent.
  • The scene in which a bachelor begins crying in the back of a limo and rips open his shirt as he implores the other bachelor, "Make me feel good!" is a reference to the Halle Berry/Billy Bob Thornton sex scene in Monster's Ball. According to the DVD commentary, the voices of the two bachelors are provided by creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein.
  • According to Clara's stepmother, the only way to break the curse on her vagina is with true love's first kiss. However, when Clara thinks she has found true love with Prince Charming, his kiss instead transforms his penis and testicles into a monster themselves. This is a parody of the Beast's transformation in Beauty and the Beast. A similar parody occurs in the first Shrek movie, where Princess Fiona becomes an ogre permanently upon receiving a kiss from Shrek, her true love, and according to the movie transforms "into her true self".
  • When Prince Charming shoots himself, he does not die, but his face is charred, and he blinks, reminiscent of the results of gunshots and explosions in Warner Brothers cartoons.
  • At the end of the episode, after Wooldoor escapes from Clara's vagina, he counts off, "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro", leading into a reprise of "La-La-La-La-Labia". This is a reference to Sam the Sham's count-in at the beginning of the song "Wooly Bully".

Differences in DVD version[]

  • The DVD version of this episode contains an extended version of the Clara-Toot exchange at the beginning of the episode. (Lines in italics were cut from the televised version.)
Toot: What happens in fairy tales after the princess has her first kiss, hmmm?
Clara: She runs away with a sexy one-eyed pirate who loves as fiercely as he lives!
Toot: Not that fairy tale, toot for brains! The other one!
Clara: Well, let's see... they live happily ever after in a castle... with a couple of... KIDS! Oh my God, I am pregnant!
  • In the televised version of the episode, during Foxxy's sex-ed class, there is a close-up shot of Clara blushing. In the DVD release, the shot shows her from farther back and includes the other housemates in the frame.
  • The televised version of this episode also cuts the shot of Prince Charming falling into the pool after shooting himself.



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