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Child Services
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Child Services
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Black
Age 40s
Job Child Services
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Paget Brewster (formerly) Tara Strong (currently)

Child Services is a recurring character in Drawn Together who made her first appearance in the episode Captain Girl. She's a child services agent who seems to be a logicless woman who takes children from their unfit homes and families only to place them with even more unfit foster families. She constantly visits the Drawn Together House when she hears that there is a child of sorts being abused in their home and she seems to have a rivalry with Foxxy Love due to her having countless children that she always abuses. She was originally voiced by Paget Brewster and is currently being voiced by Tara Strong.


Child Service's first appearance was in the episode Captain Girl. Due to Toot's neglect of her baby, the baby became a troubled child who ran away and later on became pregnant. Child Services Woman found her and after the child gave birth had taken her away. It's revealed that she had taken away Foxxy's children, two of which named Ray-Ray and Kwametta (later on renamed Heather and Raymond-Raymond) to a family named Jordanson, who are apparently unfit. She returned in the episode Nipple Ring Ring Goes to Foster Care. When the housemates discover that Ling-Ling is only 3 years old (even though he's 21 in battle monster years) Wooldoor is forced to call Child Services. Child Services comes to their home and takes Ling-Ling away, dumping him in a trashcan full of a bunch of previous children that she's taken away from them. A dump truck then comes by and takes them all away.


Child Services is a tall woman with white skin and black, shiny, wavy hair that is worn in a bun. She has a very stern look on her face with thick, full, dark eyebrows, blue eyes, and pink lips. She wears glasses and a blue shirt with a darker blue jacket over it. She wears a dark blue skirt and high heels of the same color.

Episode Appearances[]