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Charlie Brown As He First Appeared in Requiem for a Reality Show

Charlie Brown, the iconic character from Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts, has been seen in Drawn Together for very minor roles and "bit-gag" humor. He has three appearances in the show.

His first role was in Requiem for a Reality Show where Foxxy, having grown tired of playing the dominatrix role with Captain Hero, has replaced him with Charlie. He is seen down on all fours and wearing a BDSM mask affixed with a leash as a counterpart to Captain Hero, who is in the same role with a spiked dog collar. Foxxy's outro line to the scene, "C'mon Blockhead! Foxxy gon' give you some good grief" is a not so subtle nod to Charlie Brown's catchphrase from the Peanuts comic as well as Lucy Van Pelt's common insult for the character from the same.

He was also seen briefly lying down on the beach in The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II.

Finally, in Spelling Applebee's, he and several of his friends from the comic strip comprise the rival final team in the titular Spelling Bee that Foxxy competed in. In both of his speaking instances, Charlie Brown is voiced by Tara Strong.