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Adam Carolla
Drawn Together Actor
Full Name Adam Carolla
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Black
Birthday May 27, 1964
Job Comedian, radio talk show host, actor

Adam Carolla is a comedian who provides the voice for Spanky Ham on Drawn Together. At the beginning of the series, Carolla used a voice very close to his regular speaking voice for the character, but gradually shifted to a gruffer, more exaggerated tone. Carolla's lack of singing ability has been incorporated into multiple episodes for comic effect, including "Requiem for a Reality Show" and "American Idol Parody Clip Show".

Prior to joining the cast of Drawn Together, Carolla worked on The Man Show with Drawn Together creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein. He also does the voice of Death on Family Guy. After becoming the host of his own radio show, The Adam Carolla Show, Carolla would occasionally have the creators and/or various cast members of Drawn Together on the program as guests.


  • Before and during his time on Drawn Together, Carolla worked on Crank Yankers as the voice of Mr. Birchum. His voice is somewhat similar to Spanky Ham.
  • In the episode "Mexican't Buy Me Love", Carolla breaks the fourth wall by using his actual voice for Spanky Ham.
  • He and Jack Plotnick are the only two main voice actors who only voice their own main characters and no one else. Adam only voices Spanky, while Jack only voices Xandir.
  • Carolla is an atheist.

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