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Abbey DiGregorio
Drawn Together Actor
Full Name Abbey DiGregorio
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Blonde
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Job Voice actress

Abbey DiGregorio (née McBride) is a voice actress who provides the voice for Ling-Ling on Drawn Together. DiGregorio is the person responsible for creating Ling-Ling's spoken language, referred to as "Japorean" by show personnel. The language is complete gibberish, most of which she makes up on the spot. According to DiGregorio, the voice she uses for Ling-Ling is a combination of two characters she used to perform, an Asian man and a man who is drunk and speaking gibberish.

In the series, DiGregorio is credited under her maiden name, Abbey McBride. Sometime after the end of the series, she married Drawn Together writer Craig DiGregorio. In the movie, she is billed as Abbey DiGregorio

In the show, she also serves voices for the leader of the sweatshop kids and the girl in the Quackers cereal commercial.

Prior to joining the cast of Drawn Together, McBride worked on The Man Show with Adam Carolla and Drawn Together creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein.

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